Seven Women, Five Countries, And The Power Of Music: ADAAWE Inspires Audiences With Their Unique Global Sound

Deriving from West African roots, Gospel harmonies and American funk, women-led group ADAAWE has created their own contemporary version of the global fusion genre. Diverse and dynamic, these seven women bring their percussive and harmonic sound to every stage, while embodying and maintaining feminine strength; captivating audiences everywhere. 

ADAAWE was formed by Montana native, Joselyn Wilkinson. Her love for different cultures and environments led her to study at the University of Ghana, UCLA and in Senegal. In Ghana, she was enthralled with the traditional women's music of the Ga people. "I was inspired by the way the women came together to support each other through song and in life, Wilkinson said. "They sang old songs, but added their own improvisations, spirit and laughter to them, keeping the music fresh and new. Our ADAAWE group has become a sisterhood like that. We've seen each other through the tough times, and we always keep it fun." This spirit of celebration and strength is the inspiration behind ADAAWE. 

Hailing from Kenya, Morocco, Israel, Panama and across the United States, the talented musicians of ADAAWE deliver diversity, intercultural understanding and an appreciation and inclusion of global music. They are committed to building community through their music by promoting and advocating for women’s rights, and ministering the notion that every person around the world deserves to live in a safe and just environment. 

Over the duration of their career, ADAAWE has headlined performing arts venues, festivals, colleges and clubs across the U.S., and opened for such artists as Mickey Hart, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Michael Franti. ADAAWE's latest CD, "Passage," is an arresting collection of world-fusion, ranging from their trademark vocal percussion and djembe drum rhythms to Afro-funk, reggae and soul. 

ADAAWE has supported benefits such as “Human Rights Watch,” with Annette Benning, “Roots & Shoots,” with Jane Goodall, the “Urban Peace Awards” with Harry Belafonte, as well as “Global Soul,” Heifer International,” and “Jewish World Watch.” In 2018, they performed at the wedding of Stevie Wonder, were “Pick of the Fringe” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and with their full nine piece fusion band, toured the East Coast with the Levitt Pavilion Foundation. 

Continuing their legacy, ADAAWE is teaming up with writer/producer, Curt Wilson, and Nashville-based label, United Alliance Music Group (UAMG), to release even more music in 2021. In partnership with UAMG, Sony/Orchard and New Day Distributors offer digital and physical distribution, allowing an even broader audience to enjoy ADAAWE’s signature sound in the near future.