Their performance is a joyous celebration of feminine energy and spirituality.” - Pauline Adamek

ArtsBeat LA

They were just sensational. . . . Dancing, movement, heartfelt stuff.” - Susan Scott

— Ventura Music Festival

The Adaawe performance was fantastic. Wonderful women, excellent music. The audience was very into it - seldom do we see people dancing all over the tent aisles like that. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone who attended!”

— Terry Meyer, Program Director, Big Top Chautauqua, WI

From their vibrant stage presence to sensational, uplifting harmonies, I suggest any organization to consider booking ADAAWE for an unforgettable experience. ​​​​​​”

— Tony Schondel, Victoria Gardens Cultural Center

Featured is an action shot of just one of the drummers of the all-woman percussion ensemble Adaawe ... It completely captures the energy of the women as they drum and sing themselves and their audiences into a state of joy .”

— Kathryn Girard, Executive Vice President, Skirball Cultural Center, LA

News & Reviews

The Wee Review - Adaawe "We Are"

Dance and music inspired by African culture is almost always joyous, and We Are is no exception. Part of the Just Festival at St John’s, the show was devised by director Stephanie Vlahos and performed by members of Adaawe including…

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The Trentonian - Live Review

Lying atop a blanket on a soft field of grass in Mill Hill Park, one could almost feel the rhythms  produced by Adaawe (pronounced Ah-dah-way), a seven-female vocal and percussion band, seep up from  distant lands of West Africa into…

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Caledonian Record - Global Fusionists ADAAWE

Last week’s Dog Mountain performance by Scottish superstars Albannach and the Northeast Kingdom’s own Catamount Pipe Band was St. Johnsbury’s biggest Levitt AMP show yet, but this year’s series is just getting started. Genre-defying seven-woman powerhouse ADAAWE will bring irresistible…

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